70 Winchester Road Mansfield, Ohio 44907

American Medical Directors Association

The 2013 Convention of the American Medical Directors Association, attended by healthcare professionals from across the country, was recently held in Washington, D.C.

Winchester Terrace Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Mansfield was represented by Medical Director, Dana Andrews, M.D. and Director of Nursing Services, Tammy Mejia, R.N.

Dr. Andrews and Ms. Mejia were chosen to present their nationally recognized program which focuses on effectively managing higher acuity patients within the long term care setting. This presentation outlined the latest technologies and best practices to use when building the interdisciplinary teams (IDTs) needed to care for these patients. Dr. Andrews and Ms. Mejia’s program outlined key factors to be considered when developing an IDT approach to care within the skilled facility.

Thorough assessment and the development of treatment plans by the team helps to decrease the number of re-hospitalizations from the facility. They demonstrated how the process works by presenting case studies in which the IDT utilized effective communication tools and best practice treatment protocols to avoid the need for acute care readmissions. As reducing hospital readmissions becomes increasingly important to CMS and acute care health system, effective and efficient approaches to treating patients in a skilled facility will become a vital component of the healthcare system.

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